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The People Behind the Business

communications director
by Ken Buis
Fervid Business Solutions Inc.

Every person in your business has a story

With Google’s new emphasis on the Author as a replacement for Page Rank, our new focus for the past year has been on the people behind the business.  When building an online corporate identity, this is an excellent way to tell the story of the business, build further interest, and increase overall performance on Google.

Personalization of the Web

As Google moves to create a more personalized online experience by evaluating content and searching for authenticity of information, it only makes sense to increase the prominence of the people behind the business.  In larger organizations, this can be challenging since a policy of determining who is represented online needs to be established, but in small and medium-sized businesses, this is vital to ensure a strong online presence.

Corporate Image

After working with many companies over the past 20 years, certain very impactful trends have become apparent.  With recent changes to Google, these trends are even more evident.  Personalization of the Internet is one of the dominant factors.  It appears that more and more data is being connected to each person’s name, and a relevance on the internet is being created based on the concepts of information creation, consumption, distribution and social signals. 
Strategies include:

  1. Building strong About or Our Team pages, complete with colour photos and bios that capture the essence of the professional, as well as linking to their social hub profile pages such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter
  2. Interviewing company members for blog posts and building interest in the person
  3. Highlighting the various talents of an individual within the business to show more than just a corporate brand
  4. Utilizing strong personal branding techniques to highlight the person, while using strong corporate branding to highlight the individual

While this takes more effort and strategy, creating a unique message around the individual can do wonders for a business.

A Personal Connection

As the digital world slowly increases its influence in our physical spaces, as evidenced by the proliferation of smartphones and smart objects, people are feeling increasingly disconnected.  As social beings, we need to feel connected in more meaningful ways. Constantly being digitally connected is not the same as interacting with people in meaningful ways.  Turkel’s Together Alone captures this phenomenon beautifully, and needs to be taken seriously by marketers and strategists alike. When a person can connect directly with an individual within an organization, conversations begin in new ways that are more personal and have more potential to convert into sales.  This removes the cold corporate image, replacing in its stead a real person – leading ultimately to a better and more human connection and conversation.

Digital Footprints

Real impact online can be achieved as the digital footprint of a company increases.  For example, if you have only 5 pages on your website, it has far less convertible content, regardless of how well written, than a competitor website  with 100 pages.  How do we create so much content?  Blogs are a great way e to increase your content and create more information for the web to be searched and sorted. 
Strategies to increase your digital footprint include:

  1. Develop content marketing strategies – creating blogs that speak to consumers, education and interest along with telling stories about the products, services and company
  2. Ensure social media impact – ensure what you write has value and is worthy of being shared online through social channels
  3. Enhance the influence of the “people behind the business” through services such as LinkedIn, and other online services
  4. Be strategic in all you do online – put social media policies in place, drive traffic to your website and landing pages and be professional, human and helpful.

In the end, your digital footprint acts like an hourglass, where traffic, like sand, flows through your website, driving conversions and interest in your company, products and services.


The People behind the Business

If members of a company carefully develop their personal brand, work strategically online to represent the company for which they work, as well as showcase their own talents and skills, the benefits to a business are incredible!

If you would like assistance in building a “people behind the business” environment, as part of your overall strategy, contact us today and let’s get started on building you a more prominent impact on the Web.


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