On Blogging Well (Part 1)

June 25, 2017/Chris Murphy/Communications, Trends, Web Content, Blogging, Writing

I stole the title of this blog entry from William Zinsser’s seminal book, entitled, On Writing Well because I feel that many people have the erroneous idea that blogs are not a serious form of writing--indeed, bloggers are often, yet incorrectly, looked upon as second class citizens in the writing world. This should not be the case. 


Everyone and Their Dog
One of the reasons that some folks give me that “look” when I tell them I blog for a living (you know the one I mean--that same condescending look your Tinder date gives you when you tell them you are “in-between” jobs) is because, quite literally, everyone and their Shih Tzu seems to have a blog site--yes, people’s dogs have their own Wordpress.

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Ways a Director of Communications Can Help Your Company

March 25, 2017/Chris Murphy/Communications, Trends, Web Content,

When it comes to the internet, the old adage, “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” simply doesn’t hold true. It only takes a few seconds for people to decide whether or not to stay on a site, and if it’s a hot mess, you’ll have lost a potential customer at the click of a mouse. If you were meeting a client face to face, you wouldn’t show up in your Lulu Lemons and Crocks because we know that first impressions are extremely important, and lasting. It’s true that you rarely, if ever, get a second chance to make a first impression!

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The People Behind the Business

February 25, 2017/Ken Buis/SEO, Strategy, Web Marketing, Google Trends

As Google moves to create a more personalized online experience by evaluating content and searching for authenticity of information, it only makes sense to increase the prominence of the people behind the business. In larger organizations, this can be challenging since a policy of determining who is represented online needs to be established, but in small and medium-sized businesses, this is vital to ensure a strong online presence.

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